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3D Visualiser / Specialist
3D visualisers bring the architect’s ideas to life, taking plans, architectural illustrations and other reference materials and using these to produce photo-realistic 3D images or animations of proposed buildings and developments.
Access Floorer
Access floorers install raised floor systems. This can include just about any project that requires raised floorings – from houses to nightclubs to airports.
Accounting and finance personnel play a vital role in every business, being responsible for keeping track of the money that comes in and goes out.
Accounts Assistant
Accounts assistants are responsible for providing accounting and administrative support to the accountant or financial manager, or to other members of the accounts team.
An administrator’s role is to deliver the practical and/or clerical support necessary to ensure the smooth running of general business operations or specific tasks and projects.
Archaeologists investigate, research and record the remains from the human past. Their job is to help record these precious archaeological remains and in doing so build a better understanding of our cultural heritage.
Architects have the challenging and extremely satisfying job of bringing whole new buildings into the world and saving, restoring or changing the ones we already have.
Architectural Technician
Architectural technicians specialise in the application of technology in architecture.
Asbestos Removal Operative
An Asbestos Removal Operative undertakes the safe removal of materials found to contain Asbestos which can be from anywhere including industrial sites, shops/offices and even people’s homes. This work is across the UK providing opportunities for travel as well as the chance of a successful career in the sector.
Asset Manager
An asset manager is responsible for managing, monitoring and keeping track of the many and varied assets owned by a company.
Banksman / Signaller
A Banksman/Signaller is responsible for directing the movement of vehicles on or around a site. The role is critical to on-site health and safety and the provision of safe systems of work.
Bathroom Fitter
Bathroom fitters install almost all aspects of a bathroom – including showers, bathtubs, sinks, toilets and storage units.
Bedroom Fitter
Bedroom fitters install bedroom furniture, including flat packs and bespoke build units.
Bid Manager / Writer
Bid managers/writers are responsible for preparing and writing the detailed commercial documents that companies have submit to win new contracts.
BIM Technician
A BIM technician is responsible for using IT technology to provide an accurate representation of a building or civil engineering project.
Bricklayers lay bricks, pre-cut stone, concrete blocks and other types of building blocks in mortar to construct and repair walls, foundations, partitions, arches and other structures.
Building Control Surveyor
Building control surveyors make sure that regulations are followed on construction sites and projects.
Building Envelope Specialist
Building envelope specialists install and repair non-structural coverings to buildings using a variety of materials such as wood, glass and metal.
Building Information Modelling Manager
Building Information Modelling (BIM) describes the process of designing and delivering a building collaboratively using a coherent system of 3D computer models.
Building Services Engineer
Building services engineers install, maintain and often design the systems that make buildings safe, convenient and comfortable.
Building Services Engineering Technician
Building services engineering technicians help engineers design, plan and install electrical and mechanical systems within buildings.
Building Services Engineering Technician
Building services engineering technicians help engineers design, plan and install electrical and mechanical systems within buildings.
Building Surveyor
Building surveyors survey buildings to assess their condition and structure, providing advice on repairs or proposed renovations or alterations.
Building Surveyor
Building surveyors survey buildings to assess their condition and structure, providing advice on repairs or proposed renovations or alterations.
Building Technician
Building technicians are involved in the construction of buildings and building works.
Building Technician
Building technicians are involved in the construction of buildings and building works.
Business Development Manager
Business development managers are responsible for driving business growth by developing contacts, identifying market opportunities and increasing sales.
required for construction projects are provided to schedule and according to projected budgets.
CAD Operative / CAD Technician
CAD operators and CAD technicians use CAD (computer aided design) packages to produce drawings for construction and manufacturing purpose.
Carpenters and joiners make and install wooden fixtures and fittings as part of construction projects. They may be involved in new builds or in renovation and alteration of existing buildings and structures.
Cavity Insulation Installer
Cavity insulation installers fit insulation materials into buildings, such as damp proofing, loft insulation and cavity wall insulation.
Ceiling Fixer
Ceiling fixers install suspended ceilings and hide and protect unsightly and potentially dangerous materials such as wiring, pipework, heating and air-conditioning systems.
Chimney Engineer / Technician
Chimney Engineers/Technicians ensures that domestic and site based chimneys and flues are installed and maintained to strict safety standards.
Civil Engineer
Civil engineers have the important role of planning, designing and managing construction projects.
Civil Engineering Technician
Civil engineering technicians put their science and technology know how to work on complicated construction posers – from how to widen a motorway to building the world's tallest structure.
Clerk of Works
A clerk of works – also known as a site inspector, construction inspector or building quality inspector – inspects the workmanship, quality and safety of work on a construction site and reports their findings to the client.
Commercial Manager
Commercial managers are responsible for the budget and keep on top of all the costs involved in large-scale construction projects.
Compliance Manager

Compliance managers ensure that a business, its employees and its projects comply with all relevant regulations and specifications, as well as any ethical policies the company may have laid down.

Concrete Finisher
Concrete Finishers smooth and finish the exposed surfaces of poured concrete floors and other structures.
Construction Director
Construction directors are responsible for planning and managing all construction activities.
Construction Manager
Construction managers are responsible for the practical side of managing and planning every stage of the building process.
Contracts Engineer
Contract engineers develop bids and contracts to make sure that the project meets the customer’s needs.
Contracts Manager
Contract managers identify, secure and manage projects and contracts.
Conveyancing Adviser
Conveyancing advisers are responsible for managing the process of transferring ownership of a property from one owner (which could be an individual or a business) to another.
Crane Operator
Crane Operators operate a variety of machines to lift and move materials, equipment or products, safely and efficiently.
Crane Supervisor
Crane Supervisors are responsible for supervising lifting operations.
CSR Coordinator
A corporate social responsibility (CSR) coordinator is almost the conscience of a company – championing, developing and reporting on the ethical, environmentally-friendly and community-minded side of the business.
Damp Proofer
Damp proofers prevent damp from rising up from the ground - something that causes serious damage to buildings.
Demolition Operative
Demolition operatives dismantle old and derelict structures or buildings.
Depot Manager
Depot managers manage all the functions of a building supplies depot.
Design Manager
Design Managers coordinate the design work involved across the entire construction process.
Diamond Drilling Operative
Diamond drilling operatives have one of the most highly-skilled and specialist construction jobs – cutting through the toughest materials on a building site.
Dispatch Manager
Dispatch Managers are responsible for managing the timely dispatch of completed orders from the production facility or warehouse to the customer.
Document Controller
Document Controllers manage and ensure the accurate flow of information through an organisation.
Drainage Engineer
Drainage engineers are responsible for designing systems that move water or sewage from one place to another, as safely and efficiently as possible.
Draught Proofer
Draught proofers make sure buildings are properly ventilated without losing heat or wasting energy.
Dryliners create the walls and rooms in a building. They also hide pipes and wires, create space for insulation and smooth out uneven surfaces during renovation work.
Ecologists study the animals and plants that inhabit a particular environment, and report on the likely impact of any proposed construction works.
Economists study complex data and statistics and use this to deliver predictions of future trends.
Electrical Engineer
Electrical engineers design, develop, control and maintain the electrical systems and components of buildings, rail networks and power distribution networks.
Electricians install, inspect and test electrical equipment, making sure everything in a building works properly and safely.
Environmental Advisor
Environment Advisors ensure that construction projects comply with environmental regulations and targets.
Environmental Engineer
Environmental engineers focus on protecting the environment by reducing waste and pollution.
Estimators calculate how much it costs to supply products or services to a client before building works can start.
Facilities Manager
Facilities managers run buildings by seeing to the needs of the people inside.
FE Tutor
Further education (FE) tutors teach young people, over the age of 16, a wide variety of courses that train them for careers in construction or engineering.
Field Technician
Field technicians travel to construction sites to troubleshoot equipment problems.
Fire Protection Installer
Fire protection installers apply or install fire protection systems in domestic or commercial buildings.
Floor Layer
Floor Layers are trained in sub-floor preparations and laying floor coverings.
Forklift Driver
Forklift Drivers move loads to and from different locations.
Formworkers make temporary structures out of wood or metal for use in moulding concrete.
Gas Service Installer
From new builds to complex, multiple sites, gas service installers work on a variety of projects, installing gas services.
General Construction Operative
General construction operatives do a range of jobs on a building site.
Geo-Technical Engineer
Geo-technical engineers analyse soil, rock, groundwater and other earth materials prior to major construction projects.
Glaziers measure, install and replace different types of glass in all kinds of buildings and structures.
Goods In Manager
Goods In Managers are responsible for managing the in-bound process of receiving goods and materials into a facility.
Head Of Track
The Head of Track oversees business operations in the remit of rail engineering, providing specialist engineering advice for all projects in this area.
Health, Safety & Environment Advisor
Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) professionals assist in the development, implementation, monitoring and review of policies and procedures.
Heritage Consultant
Heritage consultants provide expert guidance and formulate strategies to manage the heritage issues on construction sites.
HGV Driver
A Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) driver transports and delivers goods.
Higher Education Lecturer
Higher education (HE) lecturers teach the next generation of construction professionals in universities and colleges.
Highways Control Manager
Highways control managers work with local councils and utilities companies to provide highways maintenance, street lighting, and water and gas networks.
Highways Engineer
Highways engineers keep the thousands of miles of roads across Britain in good shape – and help build new ones where they’re needed.
Highways Maintenance Operative
Highways maintenance operatives help ensure that roads, pavements and motorway networks are well maintained.
Highways Maintenance Technician
Highways maintenance technicians work in a team to carry out highway maintenance programmes.
Human Resources Personnel
Human Resources personnel develop and implement policies relating to the working practices of the organisation they are in.
Hydrographic Surveyor
Hydrographic surveyors measure and map the world’s underwater surfaces and study the construction of the seabed.
IT Support Analyst
IT support analysts find IT solutions to enhance business operations, efficiency and productivity
Joiners work with timber to create staircases, windows and doors, furniture, kitchens, cupboards and interior woodwork.
Kitchen Fitter
Kitchen fitters install whole kitchens into people’s homes and commercial properties and workplaces. They measure and assemble each kitchen unit, cut and fit worktops including cornice and plinth.
Land / Geomatic Surveyor
Land/Geomatic surveyors map the shape of land for civil engineering and construction projects so that accurate site plans can be drawn up.
Land Buyer / Negotiator
Land Buyers seeks out development opportunities to introduce to clients.
Land Drilling Operative
Land drilling operatives investigate the ground on a construction site before drilling holes into it.
Landscape Architect
Landscape architects create places for people to live, work and play and places for plants and animals to thrive.
Landscape Manage
Landscape managers plan, develop and care for outdoor spaces.
Lead Sheeting Operative
Lead Sheeting Operatives specialise in lead sheeting work on a variety of buildings from domestic housing to listed structures, churches and cathedrals.
Learning and Development Manager
Learning and development managers handle the training and professional development of company employees
Lecturers teach adults in Further and Higher Education. Some also do research in universities and colleges.
Legal Advisor
Legal Advisors are employed by large companies to provide counsel in legal matters.
Lifting Equipment Inspector
Lifting equipment inspectors assess, repair and service lifting machinery.
Lightning Conductor Engineer
Lightning Conductor Engineers make sure that buildings and other structures are safe if they’re struck by lightning.
Liquid Waterproofing Roofer
Liquid waterproofing roofers apply protective liquid membranes to flat roof structures to ensure they are watertight
Logistics and Plant Manager
Logistic and Plant Managers are responsible for overseeing all the hire, purchase, supply and use of machinery and equipment on building sites.
Maintenance Operative
Maintenance operatives keep buildings in good running order by carrying out general repairs and maintenance.
Marketing & PR Officer
Marketing and Public Relation Officers are responsible for managing the reputation of a company, influencing opinion and behaviour through various communication channels.
Mastic Asphalter

Mastic asphalters use a mixture of limestone and bitumen to create tough, waterproof surfaces.

Materials Engineer / Technician
Materials Engineers and Technicians develop a knowledge of the project and specification to source, test and assess compliance of materials and offer guidance on best working practices.
Nuclear Process Engineer
Nuclear process engineers are responsible for designing and managing the safe and productive running of nuclear power stations.
Occupational Supervisor/Team Leader
Occupational supervisors/team leaders work in a supervisory role and will be in charge of a team working on a construction project.
Painter & Decorator
Painters and Decorators work on a wide range of painting and decorating jobs, ranging from simple house renovations all the way to maintaining historic buildings.
Partitioning Systems Operatives
Partitioning system operatives divide up the inside of a building into all kinds of spaces.
Piling Operative
Piling operatives drive columns of wood, steel or concrete into the ground to provide support for structures such as buildings, bridges and piers.
Planners are fundamental to the execution of a building project - creating a programme of works to help achieve its successful completion.
Plant & Mechanical Engineer
Plant and Mechanical Engineers design, install and repair plant machinery and parts.
Plant Hire Desk Controller
Plant Hire Desk Controllers are responsible for excellent customer service.
Plant Inspector / Controller
Plant inspectors/controllers are responsible for coordinating plant accounting and financial reporting activities.
Plant Manager
Plant managers are in charge of all the heavy machinery (plant) used on construction sites.
Plant Mechanic
Plant mechanics repair and maintain the giant machinery on building sites.
Plant Operator
Plant operators use heavy machinery to dig, lift and move materials on a building site.
Plant Support Services Co-Ordinator
Plant support services co-ordinators are responsible for coordinating the movements of a team of engineers to undertake service visits on site at plant.
The plasterer is indispensable to most building sites – making walls and ceilings smooth and ready for decorating.
Plumbers are in charge of anything that involves pipework on a construction site or in people’s homes.
Principle Designer
Principal designers manage risk prevention during the pre-construction phase of a project.
Procurement Manager
Procurement managers find and obtain the best value services and goods needed to carry out a construction project.
Project Director
Project directors have overall responsibility for the successful conclusion of construction projects.
Project Manager
Project managers are in charge of making sure a building or other kind of structure is done properly from start to finish.
Purchasing Manager
Purchasing managers buy equipment, goods and services for their company – comparing costs, quality and service to get the best value for money.
Quality Assurance Manager
Quality assurance managers make sure services are of the right standard to keep everyone inside and outside of a construction business happy.
Quantity Surveyor
Quantity surveyors work out exactly how much a building costs to construct and are in charge of finances.
Rail Engineering Manager
Rail engineering managers are responsible for leading and implementing engineering design work for all types of rail projects.
Rail Systems Engineer

Rail systems engineers provide insight and technical engineering expertise in regards to railway projects.

Receptionists act as the first point of contact for clients, subcontractors and suppliers.
Regeneration Officer
Regeneration officers deliver programmes designed to improve and renovate buildings, to bring them up to date in design, health and safety compliance, and current usage.
Remediation Specialist
Remediation specialists deal with the treatment and removal of contamination from soil and groundwater.
Rig Driver
Rig drivers operate construction equipment to drive columns of wood, steel or concrete into the ground to support buildings and other structures.
Risk Manager
Risk managers identify and assess possible threats to both the workforce and the organisation.
Roofing Operative

Roofing operatives work on the protective layers of a building which separate the inside from the elements using a range of materials, methods and structures.

Safety Net Rigger
Safety net riggers assemble, install, position and secure safety nets for a variety of construction projects.
Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Advisor
SHEQ advisors provide advice and guidance on all health and safety, environment and quality matters across an organisation.
Sales Advisor

Sales advisors are responsible for the on-site property sales process.

Scaffolders erect and dismantle temporary metal structures, usually around buildings, which allow other construction trades to carry out their jobs safely.
Sealant Applicator
Sealant applicators seal all types of constructed joints to ensure a building is airtight and waterproof.
Self Employed Contractor / Sub-Contractor
Self-employed contractors or sub-contractors run his or her own construction business.
Senior Manager
Senior managers are responsible for leading teams of people working on all kinds of construction projects. As the boss, he or she comes up with strategies for getting jobs done efficiently, then makes sure people follow them.
Senior Materials Engineer
Senior materials engineers ensure compliance with specifications.
Setting Out Engineer
Setting out engineers act as the main technical adviser on a construction site for subcontractors and operatives.
Shopfitters can work in an office, a workshop, a machine shop or a paint shop.
Shunter Driver
Shunter Drivers are responsible for the safe on-site movement of heavy vehicles.
Site Engineer/Technician
Site engineers/technicians look after the technical, organising and supervising side of construction projects – from new housing to multi-million pound roads and railways.
Site Inspector
Site inspectors monitor all work carried out on a construction site to ensure safety and standards are upheld.
Site Manager
Site managers run the workforce on a building site.
Sprayed Concrete Lining Tunnel Operative
Sprayed concrete lining tunnel operatives line tunnels with concrete sprayed from purpose-built equipment.
Steel Erector
Steel erectors create the strong skeleton of a building or temporary structure by installing and fixing together steel girders, pipework and beams.
Steel Fixer
Steel fixers use steel bars and mesh in reinforced concrete to strengthen buildings and other big structures.
Steeplejacks tackle building and repair work that needs to be done high above the ground.
Stonemasons create practical or beautiful (usually both) stone items that can last for centuries.
Structural Engineer
Structural engineers design structures to withstand stresses and pressures imposed through environmental conditions and human use.
Structural Engineer Technician
Technician structural engineers are a key part of the design and construction team, working alongside a wider design and construction team.
Surveyors will provide professional advice on construction projects and generally will have responsibility for leading a team to follow their recommendations.
Surveyor in Remedial Treatments
Surveyors in remedial treatments visit sites to determine the level of any damage to best advise how to remedy it.
Sustainability Manager/Co-Ordinator
Sustainability managers/co-ordinators oversee the implementation of sustainability strategies during a project.
Sustainability Specialist
Sustainability specialists are concerned with environmental impacts.
Town Planner
A town planner manages the development of cities, towns and countryside.
Town Planner (Principal)
Principal planners take a lead role in protecting and shaping our cities, towns and countryside.
Traffic Safety and Control Officer
Traffic safety and control officers make important decisions on how best to design the layout and management of traffic.
Traffic Technical Officer
Traffic technical officers guide traffic management processes and road safety improvements.
Transport Manager
Transport managers are responsible for ensuring that the legal requirements for road haulage are met.
Transport Modeller
Transport modellers use specialist computer software to help with the design and development of transport models to forecast future usage, meaning potential problems can be predicted and avoided in advance.
Tunnelling Operative
Tunnelling operatives build the underground tunnels needed for services such as rail lines and water works.
Tunnelling Section Engineer
Tunnelling section engineers plan and program works for a range of tunnelling section projects.
Tunnelling Ventilation Engineer
Tunnelling ventilation engineers plan, design and enable ventilation systems in tunnelling projects.
Wall and Floor Tiler
Wall and floor tilers cover walls, floors and surfaces with tiles
Welder Engineer
Welding engineers work on the design, maintenance and development of a wide range of welding systems and equipment.
Welding Fabricator
Welder fabricators cut and join metal and other materials into a wide range of structures for use throughout the built environment.
Wood Machinist
Wood machinists are key members of the joinery team. Wood machinists need to understand wood as a material, and how to get the best from it.