3D visualisers bring the architect’s ideas to life, taking plans, architectural illustrations and other reference materials and using these to produce photo-realistic 3D images or animations of proposed buildings and developments.
The Role
  • Work closely with architectural and design teams
  • Present and explain visuals to colleagues and clients
  • Make sure their ideas are represented as accurately and attractively as possible
  • Help the public and councillors understand the proposals during the planning process – assisting planning decisions
  • Work with both "still" representations and animations/ CGI (computer generated imagery)
  • Work with industry-standard design tools
  • Visualise concepts in various graphic mediums
  • Keep up to date with software advances
  • Possess good creative and technical skills
  • Usually work standard office hours, Monday to Friday.
  • Newly trained 3D visualisers/specialists can earn in the region of £18,000-£25,000
  • Trained with experience 3D visualisers/specialists can earn in the region of £24,000-£30,000
  • Senior, chartered or master 3D visualisers/specialists can earn in the region of £29,000-£35,000
Your construction salary will typically range depending on location, employer and level of responsibility.
Qualifications & Training
Most positions will require a degree or equivalent in 3D design, graphic design, architectural visualisation or similar. You will also need to be experienced in relevant design software such as AutoCAD, 3D Studio Max and VRay (there are many others), as well as programmes such as Adobe Photoshop, Premier and other graphic or rendering software.