An Asbestos Removal Operative undertakes the safe removal of materials found to contain Asbestos which can be from anywhere including industrial sites, shops/offices and even people’s homes. This work is across the UK providing opportunities for travel as well as the chance of a successful career in the sector.
The Role
  • Asbestos Removal Operatives work for HSE Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractors. These organisations have to apply to the HSE for a Licence to undertake work with Asbestos in a tightly controlled environment.
  • Help build bespoke containment enclosures around the Asbestos containing material.
  • Safely remove Asbestos using a variety of specialist equipment including airless sprayers and injection equipment.
  • Wearing specialist protective equipment including coveralls and a powered respirator known as a full face mask.
  • All works also have a dedicated Decontamination Unit for the operatives to shower in at the end of each shift to ensure they can do this work safely.
  • Newly trained asbestos operatives can expect to earn in the region of £20,000
  • Trained with experience asbestos removal operatives can earn in the region of £20,000 - £25,000
  • Supervisors can earn in the region of £25,000 - £35,000
Salaries depend on location, employer and the amount of overtime worked. Self-employed Asbestos removal operatives set their own pay rates.
Qualifications & Training
There’re no set qualifications that you need to have studied at school, although it’s helpful to have Standard Grades/National 4 or 5s or GCSEs in Maths and English or equivalent, such as BTEC, Welsh Baccalaureate, WJEC in Construction. You’ll need to be 18 or over to work on-site in HSE Licensed Asbestos removal. All new entrants to the sector require a minimum of 3 days training from organisations such as ACAD. An apprenticeship with an Asbestos removal contractor is the preferred way to enter the sector.