Sealant applicators seal all types of constructed joints to ensure a building is airtight and waterproof.
The Role
  • Applying new sealant
  • Removing old sealant
  • Fireproofing structures
  • Assessing any risks and working safely
  • Keeping the wind and rain out by using sealants on door frames, windows, building façades, sanitary ware (toilets, sinks, bidets, baths and showers) and through structural bonding such as glass to glass
  • Knowing what the client expects and the materials needed to do the job
  • Knowledge of wood and understand exactly how to make joints airtight or waterproof
  • Sealant applicants work typically 40 hours a week
  • Working longer hours in the summer months
  • Trained with experience sealant applicators can earn in the region of £20,000 - £35,000
Salaries will depend on your location, employer and any overtime that you do. Self-employed sealant applicators set their own pay rates
Qualifications & Training
The Association of Sealant Applicators runs its own apprenticeship scheme, which leads to an NVQ Level 2 in specialist installation occupations – joint sealant application. You must be at least 18 years old to apply. The two-year apprenticeship includes a combination of 18 days off-the-job training, 20 days on-site training with an employer and five days on-site assessment. Apprentices spend the remainder of the two years gaining experience on site. They also offer this qualification to people who have already been working in construction for some time and wish to specialise.  The training is run at the Association's own training centre.