“Growing our future construction workforce through an inspiring journey to raise aspirations and attainment which leads to career success and progression – DREAM big, WORK hard, and BELIEVE that you can do anything you put your mind to”

Construction Employers Mission

“Creating an innovative platform to inspire the learner journey through a dynamic approach to increasing professional standards – Working together we can achieve excellence, working apart we achieve nothing”


It is seen across the industry that apprenticeship programmes are a vehicle that should be used to train, upskill and qualify an apprentice. However, it is felt that they are a training channel that are underutilised due to poor delivery and a lack of communication between parties leading to a preoccupation in simply meeting the most minimum standards set by an awarding body.

The standards established for any qualification are an absolute minimum benchmark, set in order to achieve that qualification. At Orchard Training  and  Education, we strive to enable each young person to achieve their full potential. The standards we set are designed to motivate, inspire  and drive our learners towards success and help us to ensure that we are achieving learners who are not only able to work competently in the industry but who can continue to progress through a promotional ladder. This may be through promotion within  the workplace through  greater responsibility, increased pay due to their productivity or even progression through to self- employment.

At Orchard Training and Education, it is our duty to ensure our learners exceed minimum standards by providing a foundation that enables learners to continue progressing after achievement, maximising their career prospects.

Foundations for Success

The delivery and success of an apprenticeship is dependent on Orchard Training, Employer and Learner ensuring they  are working on achieving the same outcome.  Training, workplace activity and communication are vital to enable Orchard Training to set targets for learners that align with employer objectives and professional standards. This will demonstrate the importance of their training to the learner and ensure that the partnerships with our employers are driving learners to understand and continue to gain knowledge and skills throughout their apprenticeship, whether they  are in the training environment or within the workplace.

Orchard Training will set out a clear plan of delivery within two weeks of commencement of training, ensuring the employer has received an assessment plan outlining the apprenticeship delivery.

To enable further communication, a training forum should be set up between Orchard Training, the Employer and the Learner to capture all progress and development made throughout the apprenticeship programme. This will help to identify the day to day success and progress of the learner as well as areas for improvement, giving Orchard Training  and the  employer the opportunity to stretch the learner’s knowledge and understanding of individual tasks.

This will establish clear lines of communication between Orchard Training, employer and the learner for any updates, requests enabling transparency for all aspects of the apprenticeship.

For the apprenticeship to be successful the following criteria needs to be met:

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