“Dynamic approach to supporting the preparation for an apprenticeship through a hands-on training experience while transforming dreams in to reality”

Construction Employers Mission

“Creating an innovative platform to inspire the learner journey through a dynamic approach to increasing professional standards – Working together we can achieve excellence, working apart we achieve nothing”

Traineeship in Construction 

Recruit your next Apprentice…!!!


This programme is completed over an 18 week period which gives young people 16-23 a chance to show their worth to an employer over the duration of the programme.

Through the first 6 weeks the Trainee will gain knowledge and understanding of the industry through a full time training course within the Orchard premises. The Trainee will gain basic construction skills, CSCS Card and essential employability to ensure they are prepared for the industry.

Below is a breakdown of the course and what a learner will complete while with Orchard Training & Education.

At Orchard Training & Education we work with you as a Employer to ensure you select the best Trainee to suit your business needs. 

For the last 12 weeks of the course Orchard Training & Education will provide the Trainee with an Apprenticeship opportunity. They will work with an employer 4 days per week and attend Orchard Training 1 day per week and work among Orchards Apprenticeship programme. 

If you want to ensure you employ the best apprentice to suit your business then this is for you. 

Orchard need the support of local construction companies to ensure we help young people access opportunities within a growing industry. Please take a look at the employers funding and grants page of the support you can receive as a business.