Ben Mills – Managing Director

I have a passion for watching others succeed and being able to be a part of a young person’s journey to adulthood.

Developing young people aged 14 to adulthood, throughout our pathway to employment, demonstrates to all that anything is possible… 


My role within this company is to help inspire and motivate individuals who may not believe they are able to succeed in attaining their dreams.  I gain great satisfaction in watching anyone succeed and feel a sense of pride when I have been able to contribute to their journey.

I set out to lead/inspire a staff team to share this passion and assist more young people to achieve the impossible!!!

Becky Mills – Director of Operations

As a company, we strive to develop the minds of young people and help them to progress with their goals and ambitions.

Working for Orchard gives me the opportunity to build upon my experience and skills in Leadership & Management. This then assists in the development of my team which in turn develops young minds… but most importantly the development of the company.

Kevin Davison – Director of Training

We do this job to give people a second chance, and help young people that would not or do not fit in with main stream colleges.  We offer opportunities to anyone who needs help to get on the construction ladder, starting at the bottom and, with our help, making it to the top.

I do this job to pass on my skills and knowledge to young people that normally would not be given the chance to learn at a main stream college.  I always want what’s best for my learners and try and make them better than the tradesmen they work with.

Rob Grabiniok – Construction Employability Manager

As a person who has always aspired to become successful, I have made the most of every opportunity given.  I have a passion for watching others succeed and progress further within their journey. I am here because I feel I can make a difference and offer a unique skill set to develop the company. My role within this company is to help inspire and motivate individuals who may not believe they are able to succeed in attaining their dreams/Goals. I gain great satisfaction in watching anyone succeed and being able to contribute to their journey. I am here to support and develop the staff team and pass our knowledge to the younger generation.


“Dynamic approach to supporting the preparation for an apprenticeship through a hands-on training experience while transforming dreams in to reality”

Daniel Peacham – 14-16 Construction Manager

I do this job to give young people the skills to build their own foundation in construction.

Not all of our learners suit the ‘main stream classroom environment’ that’s why we are here to offer them an alternative hands on provision which accommodates each learner individually, regardless of their backgrounds.


Each day is a learning day for everyone and there is always potential to grow ourselves and our learners, the passion all OTE staff have in their roles is second to none, that is one of the main reason I am proud to be part of the team!


Mark Benson – Senior Occupational Development Coach

I frequently ask myself why I do this job!  It can be littered with bad moments/situations and you never really switch off.  The negative aspects can affect you mentally for a day, week or sometimes a month, but that one positive account where you feel you contribute to a learner’s development in their life journey, no matter how small it may be, lasts you a life time.

Lee Magee – Senior Occupational Development Coach

Even as a young lad I was always interested in woodwork. My grandad was a bit of a handyman and I used to help him make wishing Wells and planters that sort of thing. So when I left school, I enrolled on a joinery apprenticeship, as it seemed the natural thing to do. I really enjoyed my time as a joiner and found it to be more of a hobby then a job. The company I was working for at the time used to put apprentices with me as I had patience and a calming effect on others. I really enjoyed helping young people and seeing their development. So I decided to train as a teacher assessor. I love my work and developing the next generation of trades people. Helping young adults from the So called deprived areas of the city gives me a great sense of achievement.

Becky Glen – Business Development Co-ordinator

‘My role at Orchard, involves supporting employers to take Traineeship and Apprenticeship learners. I have over 17 years’ experience working within Apprenticeship training and am committed to assisting local employers to employ Apprentices and build a quality workforce for the future, which will close the skills gap within Construction.


When asked why I do this job, there can only be one answer; Being part of a team that inspire and motivate young people to achieve their career goals is extremely rewarding. Individually we hold the skills to support, train, develop, guide and each be a part of the learner journey……but together we make a difference. ‘

Emma Cox – Business Development Co-ordinator

My role as Business Development Coordinator allows me to do what I do best ………. Build relationships.

I’ve worked in many roles from HR, Recruitment and Business Development across various business sectors, all have one thing in common …… Communication, yes I love to talk! 

In my role I get to work with both the learners and our employers and see the process from start to finish, from Marketing, Recruitment, offering advice and guidance to learners, to supporting employers through the process of employment and training.

Its such a joy to see the apprentices that started with us as young adults now becoming our employers of the future.

I pride myself on great communication, support and passion, and that’s what makes us stand out from the rest.  

Steve Dobson – Construction Tutor 

Working with a great team at Orchard Training and Education enables me to pass on my life skills and knowledge of construction to my learners.  I enjoy passing that lifetime worth of skills and experience on to my learners.

I have a passion for promoting Equality and Diversity and embedding new and important life skills.  I believe that every day is an opportunity for everyone to learn something new, be it as a tutor or a learner, we all learn together.

Ray Shreeve – Workshop Tutor Support

Over 30+ years working in the construction industry covering all aspects of construction and the hardest worker you would ever want on any team. 

Ray is very knowledgeable within the groundwork and bricklaying trades and always goes above and beyond to support his team members and learners within the centre.   

Michael Beecher – Occupational Development Coach

As a person that has always aspired to become successful I have made the most of every opportunity given, rather in sport or within career prospects.

I do this job because I am passionate about transforming an individual’s wellbeing and lifestyle and to offer a career pathway that is prosperous and life changing.  Furthermore I do this job because I don’t see it as work; I see it as an opportunity to develop interpersonally and academically.

I’m here because I feel I can make a difference and offer a unique skill set to develop the company and guide the youth of today into sustainable careers.

 ‘Success is a measurement of determination to achieve’- M Beecher

Wayne Proctor – Occupational Development Coach 

From the start of my working career, I have always been I the construction industry starting work with my dad  .As a qualified Bricklayer I have worked on many projects over the years from new builds ,renovations and heritage work as well as having my own company.

I took a career change back in 2004 when things weren’t going to plan in my personal life and wanted a new challenge.

I decided to go into teaching construction as it was something I was very familiar with.

My first post was at Hull College teaching bricklaying to apprentices on the City and Guilds qualification ,all levels and I found the teaching side challenging but very rewarding when learners had a light bulb moment and things clicked into place. I enjoy passing on skills and knowledge and watching young people grow and develop into skilled tradespeople and have a greater understanding in the working world .I still enjoy doing what I do even though it can be very challenging on a daily basis  and as they say “There is nothing queer as folk”

Kevin Theaker – Occupational Development Coach 

When leaving school and not knowing what to do is difficult. I know because that was me 28 years ago. I then got the opportunity to become a painter and decorating apprentice. I thought like everyone else “it’s easy”. Well that soon changed. Most people can paint but to become a decorator and to a high standard, that takes time, effort and hard work.

I became an Occupational development coach  because I want to pass on my knowledge and skills to our next generation of decorators. I’m wanting to change the perception of painting and decorating and help them gain the skills and confidence to put up the £100 a roll of wallpaper, paint the woodwork to a smooth mirror finish where you can see your own reflection, create that bespoke work that customers request.

I’m there to encourage achievement to their best abilities. If they struggle I’m there to advise, show snd raise self esteem. I know it’s not easy for everyone in the classroom gaining the knowledge to succeed because even in my mid 40’s I am still learning.

Being a coach I’m available for all my learner’s and want to encourage them to show their employer’s and their customers that painting and decorating is no longer the forgotten trade it’s a trade to be proud off.


Holly Mowforth – Senior Operational Support

I enjoy being part of an organisation that goes above and beyond to help and progress their learners.

I do what I do because I like to see people succeed and knowing I played a part in that is what motivates me.

Being part of the Operations team challenges me and allows me to use my skillset to it’s full potential.


Faye Newby – Data Technician Apprentice 

Working for Orchard Training and Education has given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and do something that I’m good at. I am currently on a data technician course that has given me the chance to do something that I enjoy and something that I am always learning new skills and expanding my mindset. I love to help people out and make a difference, this job allows me to do this and to work within such an inspiring team.


I love being part of OTE as everyone is supportive and goes above and beyond for each other and all learners, being part of a team that has so much pride in what they do and that inspires and motivates young people to achieve their dreams with hands-on training is fulfilling.

Katie Selby – Operational Support 

I have always loved working within education and always had a keen interest in Business Administration and I feel like my job role entwines both those interests.

Orchard Training and Education is a fantastic place to work, with every team member having a passion for helping with the progression of their learners. My role as Operations Support is to help with the day to day running of the office/reception. I also have the responsibility of carrying out attendance and behaviour calls for the Pre-16 students. Having been given this task it means that I have daily communication with the learners, parents, and the schools; this is something I really enjoy. As someone who firmly believes that every child deserves to be educated, whether it be in an academic or vocational level everyone deserves the chance to learn the skills that can potentially set them up for life.

Craig Channon – Construction Employability Coach  

I am Craig Channon, an Occupational Development Coach, delivering Brickwork, Health & Safety & CSCS training to young people.

Delivering to 16–19 year olds is a new career path I have undertaken with OTE Construction Training. I am motivated to teach new skills and knowledge needed for young people to progress in the Construction Industry.

I have had over 10 years’ experience in the Construction Industry working as a self-employed Bricklayer.

My future goals and aspirations are to pass my Certificate of Education in Teaching, NEBOSH Health & Safety, Bricklaying Assessors Qualification and help keep OTE moving forward in the right direction… “Ensuring all young people have the tools and opportunities they need to fulfil their potential, regardless of background or life circumstances

Thomas Cardwell – Construction Employability Coach 

I am a confident hard-working lad. I started on a Traineeship with Orchard Training when I was 17. I progressed onto an Apprenticeship where I completed and achieved my Level 2 Multi-Trade, Level 2 Joinery and my Level 3 Joinery. Whilst working towards my qualifications I was working on my tools. I came to Orchard at the age of 24 to share my knowledge with the younger generation and the future Construction Industry. Seeing learners progress through onto an Apprenticeship and achieve success is something I take pride in and love to see.